Unguided imaging with modeling

Roland Christen

Hello all,

This appeared today on CN, the user is getting a Mach2 and plans to do unguided imaging using SkyX T-Point:

"Thanks. Yeah, I already do 3 minutes unguided with my 1100GTO, so I should be good to go with the Mach2.
I don't plan on getting the keypad and, to be honest, APCC (I purchased APCC Pro a few years ago go) has always frustrated me, so I may stick with the Ascom V2 driver and TSX T-point modeling, at least for a while. Certainly until I get the bugs out of the overall ExploraDome setup..  I'll continue to use TSX to drive the scope anyway. "

Anyone attempting to do unguided imaging with SkyX and T-Point will be disappointed. T-Point modeling will NOT produce the necessary custom rates that is needed for unguided imaging. Only ProTrack has that capability and this is only available for Bisque mounts.

We provide APCC Pro with every Mach2. The Pro version has APPM modeling and full custom rate software for unguided imaging. T-Point modeling will do nothing except provide pointing accuracy, NO modeling for unguided tracking purposes.