regreasing old ap 900 gto



I would like to re-grease my old 900 gto mount.

Is this sort of grease available, i live in France

On AP website, i don't find the method to dissasemble the worm from the gear, is the method the same as this one  (for 1200 gto model, perhaps it is a little different for the ap900 gto?

Is there a tips to put back the motor and adjusting the gear mesh?



CurtisC <calypte@...>

You can buy a grease kit from Astro-Physics. 

Steven Panish


The AP grease kit is not on their website, you have to call them for it, but I would think you could also get it from their European distributor.  The kit includes good instructions.  You will also need the "gear mesh" instructions available on the AP website.

The kit includes two kinds of grease, one for the worm and worm gear, and another for all the spur gears.  If you want to use commercially available grease AP could advise you.


On Mon, Oct 5, 2020 at 3:29 PM CurtisC via <> wrote:
You can buy a grease kit from Astro-Physics.