OFF TOPIC: Duplication of Group messages - tagged as “[Edited Message Follows]”

Joe Zeglinski

Repetitive Duplication of posted forum messages:
    For example, searching through this group’s posts over the past 2 years, I found from “Jimmyjujames” ...  6 edited copies from 1/11/2019, and yet another 6 copies of the very same EDITED message a week later on  9/11/2019. I don’t login via browser by download emails via client, so is this  “EDIT option” a part of the Groups.IO system?
Nothing was “actually edited” in any of those duplicates, not even so much as a “comma replacing a period” ! This is just one example of dozens of such repeating posts.
    The original AP_GTO group was  moved from YAHOO to Groups.IO much later that year,  on 24/10.2019 – so the problem is likely not the fault of the Groups.IO server app, or of the AP forums, but perhaps the email client app used to post their messages. I have found a few other members, on about a dozen other Group.IO  forums, so the duplication is not unique to the Astrophysics forums  membership, though I would say the majority are here, owing to its large membership.
    Scanning my saved emails list for this [AP_GTO] group, I have come across several other members – using various ISP’s (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc., even Groups.IO) – extra emails which I usually have to delete, wasting time and disk space, since they seem to be useless Duplicates, made in error, over this sampled timespan. The EDITED posts are good to see, if they had a REASON (option line) attached for it, but the vast majority, with ray’s being an exception, are just copies, without any changes made.  Folks, please exercise some care. Here are most of the sources I found in the past 2 years.
  1. Leo Shatz
  2. DiscoDuck
  3. Dominique Durand
  4. Mojo Jones
  5. CurtisC
  6. Mikko Viljamaa
  7. Even a valid one from Ray Gralak:
            [Edited Message Follows]
            [Reason: Removed leading "Also" in first paragraph, which I forgot to remove when I moved the paragraph to the top.]
            ... another time: [Reason: Misspelled Brian. Sorry!]
  8. Dean Jacobsen
  9. Jimmyjujames (most of the duplicates)
  10. Robert Berta – a valid Editing – [Reason: Clarification of question.]
  11. Peter Bresler

  12. Jack Huerkamp

  13. Terri Zittritsch

  14. Wayne Hixson

  15. Tony Benjamin

  16. Luke Leege

  17. Calypte

  18. Jerome A Yesavage

  19. Bruce Donzati

  20. Drgert1

  21. Isphotoman

    Are duplicates with the heading  “[Edited Message Follows]” – coming from their (common) smartphone email apps, or from their browser, which might also be the same one, for all those members whose email was repeatedly sent with just the text line  “[Edited Message Follows]” added at the top?

    A few of the old posts saved in my group  Live Mail folder , really are valid  EDITED duplicates, since I found a couple which had yet a second attached  line,  added by the editor below that first one,  stating for example  “[Reason: Added info]”.
Perhaps some members keep clicking on the SEND in their browser, and multiple copies are generated by the smartphone email app or browser – or their mouse button/screen-tap,  is sticky. Certainly doesn’t seem to be the fault of the Group.IO server, based on our transition date being later than the oldest occurrence of “[Edited Message Follows]” insertions.
    There may be some commonality among all those duplicates generated by several group members.
Otherwise, there is an on-going problem for the rest of us, who have to check &  (possibly) delete such suspect duplicates,
    So, please check your own device – surely you must be seeing your own duplicates sent back to your device,  from [AP_GTO} or other Groups.IO.
Joe Z.


I'm guilty as charged.
If a saw an big error or link was not clickable.
I would to delete and resend a corrected message.
I normally compose message in notepad++, copy, paste and send.
If a link was not clickable, I have found adding a return at end 
of link will make it clickable and then I delete the next blank line.
That would make the message seem unchanged.

I don't want members to have to select, copy and paste to go to a link.
If it was an un-clickable link edit, you may not see a difference.
After switching to
I don't have to delete message but can edit an existing message.
I don't desire to resend message to group but only 2 choices.
It's either "Resend to Group" or ''Discard''.
I would like another button "Save work and exit without resending to group"
My edits are for those that search for old messages and I want mine as correct
 as I can get them with all links clickable.
In if you click on the ''Edited on date'' it will display a list of revisions.
You check-mark any 2 and click compare button to see what was changed.
November 2019 was a message I sent on Orthogonality and 
I did indeed edit that one many times maybe 10 times
Each message is different if only 1 word (no links to correct in that message).
As I re-read message or members comment,
 I would edit to make message hopefully easier too understand.
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