SatelliteTracker is now SkyTrack


SatelliteTracker was sold back to the original developer/owner and renamed to SkyTrack.
SkyTrack is now under development with an ascom connect.
$9.00 license
I ordered SkyTrack today and have not received license and have not tried SkyTrack
I still use SatelliteTracker v2.51 direct connect pc to CP3 on Astro-Physics 900GTO
 but I know some of yall were waiting on an ascom connect.
SkyTrack Satellite Tracking Software
Youtube SkyTrack setup operation
What is it boy? What do you see?


Hi Jimmy

Most impressed with your space station shots, really good work. I spent a few years with analysis of high speed tracking cameras in Woomera Australia for missile tracking. In those days a computer was blonde or brunette, yes they were ladies using Comptometers for data reduction.

Current setup is AP1200 with AP178 or AP130 visual work, was thinking to use the APCC as my computer is a Mac. Do have a fairly old windows XP machine and was thinking to try Skytrack before going down the path of APCC Pro.
With your experience do you have comments on this approach.

Kind regards Mike 
Ararat Australia


1811 keystrokes follow
I have not tried SkyTrack.
SkyTrack has a 30 day free trial then $9 one time.

SkyTrack says it has variable speed tracking available with Ascom.
If SkyTrack's Ascom variable speed tracking works with Astro-Physics mounts
 then that sound very promising.
Most of my ISS movies were recorded with the original SatelliteTracker v2.51 direct connect with no Ascom.
First movie was hand guided.
Recently cleaned mirrors on my home assembled 10'' Newtonian f4.5 and have been slow to reassemble.
I select ''LX200 Compatible interface'' in v2.51 to connect to my 900GTO.

The 900GTO has 0 problems tracking through zenith.
 My cheaper mount can't track fast enough, leap-frogs through zenith and
 then a meridian flip at the worst time when the ISS is closest.
 With the 900GTO I set the meridian flip point to the western horizon and
 can track SW horizon-zenith-NE horizon with no meridian flip.
 Starting with scope upside down and pointing at SW horizon.
 The meridian delay option is why I purchased my 900GTO back in 2011.
I know some members want to record the ISS and see those gaps between the solar panels.
I do hope SkyTrack works with Ascom and Astro-Physics mounts.
Show us your gaps!
Looking forward to seeing more pictures and movies of the ISS with Astro-Physics Scopes.
Most of the night passes are invisible due to ISS in the shadow of Earth before it gets to my backyard.
All daylight passes over my backyard are visible and brighter due to EarthShine.
If I have good polar alignment and find the ISS in daylight,
 the 900GTO easily keeps the ISS on screen with Joystick in a 17x13 arc-min FOV.
33.6N, 88.6W
My ISS movies
Wisdom comes to those who seek it.

Robert Berta

I also use the older Satellite Tracker software. Have used with both my AP 900 and 1100 mounts as well as my Celestron 11" GPS PRO SCT fork mount. Mostly do visual but it is a neat program. The old program also does setting of different tracking speeds on each axis. The limiting factor as I  recall is that the mount has to be able to run both motors at different speeds at the same time. I am not sure what advantages the newer version running through ASCOM will have. The old version doesn't use ASCOM.