APCC Pro with Mach2?

Roland Christen

I would like to remind everyone that the Mach2 purchase price includes APCC Pro and all modeling routines and programs in the keypad also, if the keypad is purchased. There's an ongoing thread in CN that can be misleading.

You also get a hefty counterweight bar which by itself counterweighs a small scope setup. Yes, actual counterweights are extra as well as tripods, piers and dovetail plates.

If in doubt about prices, what's included and options, don't ask posters on other newsgroups, just visit our webpage.

By the way, with good polar alignment, I have tested our tracking model to be accurate for up to 1 hour exposures with my 160EDF refractor. I got a max drift of around 1 arc sec in that hour's time. What this means is that you can probably set up your imaging rig, eliminate all the extra claptrap needed for guiding (camera, guide scope, wires, guide software etc) and save a bit of money. Makes the setup much cleaner too. I imaged for many hours with super smooth tracking in RA and Dec, and had to throw out only an occasional sub due to passing clouds. The clouds did not affect the tracking one bit. If I had been guiding, it would have gone for parts unknown when the clouds passed over.


Dominique Durand

Hi Rolando,

It rolls for me quite like that. On June 14 I threw a photo spoiled by the clouds and I did not realize it until after. Without guidance no worries for the following takes ... and tonight it turns without problems either with the mach2 and APCC -Pro ... only operations to do because I do not have the THUM probe, adjust the temperature on APCC. I would like to go directly to a temperature + pressure probe.