Tripod for MC254 and Mach1



Wondering about lower vibration options for the above combination.

I am strictly a portable and visual observer. The two tripods I use are an AP Berlebach and an AP 42" portable pier. Both are fine with an AP130 but with the MC245 are quite vibration prone when focusing. Vibration is not a problem when tracking.


So wondering if a different tripod would make a large difference in vibration (Eagle, ATS, Losmandy HD or other). The Mach1 is loaded with 60+lbs of counter weights, and the MC254 has a FL of around 3,680mm.


Any experience with comparisons of different tripods using similar FL scopes?



Len Fulham

Your problem may be more than this can solve, but there are anti vibration pads which could help:
I have them for my Eagle and the AP portable pier, although I got them primarily to stop settling in sand etc



I tried anti-vibration pads years ago when I lived in Japan and observed from a 15th story balcony.  I found the pads made touch induced vibration worse (such as focusing) but somewhat reduce vibration coming thru the building.