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I am hoping that some day AP announces a FAPAS.

A 45 degree polar scope. I am just under 20 degrees North Latitude here in Hawaii and the PASILL is too low and, for me, the RAPAS eyepiece is too high and also interferes too much with the OTA, cables, cameras, etc. to be as convenient as I would like. And a prism diagonal would potentially be able to shorten the height/length of the eyepiece and field tube, meaning less interference, cable snagging, etc.

Just a crazy thought.

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I learned to take the RAPAS off after PA on my Mach1 because of cable catching problems.  So the same is probably true of the Mach2 too.




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Now that is interesting.  Based on that bottom photo, taking the RAPAS off once you set the alignment of Polaris would probably be advisable. 
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Robert Berta

As I am in Michigan, the RAPAS is fine with my 1100 and 900 mounts and 6" refractor/11" SCT but my club has a 8" D&G refractor on a AP 1200 mount. That long tube (f15 as I recall)  means the mount has to be mounted quite high above the ground so a RAPAS would require a ladder to use it. In that case a 45 degree prism would be ideal. Currently we are using a straight through polar finder....but that means you have to crouch down to use it....so a 45 degree would be ideal. Luckily the mount/scope stays in our dome observatory most of the time but would be nice to have that 45 degree version. So put us down on the side of a 45 degree version. Now that I think of it, even with my own mounts/scopes....a 45 degree version would work fine also.