400 GTO! :-)

Mark Jenkins <markj@...>

I just could not wait one more day so I decided to pay the IL state sales
tax and pick-up the 400GTO at AP today.

Well, it looks like a partially clear night and a very good weekend is in
store, so I just wanted to get started and learn the ins and outs.

Christmas in July!

What a beautiful piece of engineering!

I purchased the 48" pier, two 9 pound counter weights, a couple of 8"
dovetail plates, various slider bars, Parallax Rings, etc.

The Genesis SDF looks perfectly "at home" on the mount. I am very impressed
with the smoothness and noise volume of the motors when slewing. It is so
quiet compared to my LX-200.

I did some Solar observing this afternoon. There was a fair amount of

It is awfully hard to see the display in daylight. I don't think this will
be a big problem for me as I much prefer nighttime astronomy! Besides, I
just manually moved to the Sun and it tracked very well for not being
precisely polar aligned.

A very happy day here in the Midwest!

Now, back to that practice session in the living room....

Clear Skies!

Mark Jenkins