Sanity check - My Mach1 is behaving funny

Howard Hedlund

This may be as simple as a worm gear re-mesh.  It's a simple job on the Mach1GTO
This should be the right link for your mount.

Henry Kwok

I have crossed posted this in the PHD2 forum. A kind soul has plotted my graph in terms of RA position and it looks like there is something loose in the RA axis. I will check the mounting plate etc tonight, but if there is nothing loose can you please advise how which part of the RA assembly I can safely open and check myself? I am in NZ so sending it back to AP would be an expensive option and a

Henry Kwok

Hi Andy, I have just posted on the PHD2 group on google with the log files. Thanks. Henry

Andy Galasso

Hi Henry,

Could you post your PHD2 Debug Log and Guide Log from the session in the PHD2 forum.  We can analyze the logs and check to see if it is related to the mount or if it is something else.


Henry Kwok

Henry Kwok

I have not been out for some time due to weather and gear problem. Tonight I had the Mach1 / 130GT out doing a short imaging run. Guiding was via an OAG with a QHY5L-ii using PHD2. During the course of 2.5 hours, I noticed 4-5 random spikes. I checked the PHD2 log, and there was no star lost or star mass change. Skies had been clear. My first thought was - is my beloved Mach1 broken? May be something got into the worm gear?? But then I examined the log, and see that the spikes had no pattern or cyclicity to them, and three out of the 5 spikes took place in the last 30 min or so.

Burning Question - the fact that it is not cyclical means that it is not the mount, right? Please tell me it is unlikely to be the mount. As long as it is not the mount thats broken, I would be hugely relieved. if someone can suggest an alternative cause, that would be even better.

cable drag may be (seem unlikely as cables are free dangling)?