ODD Tracking message at APCC Horizon Limit

Joe Zeglinski

    Just wondering why the APCC status bar still shows ... UNPARKED (AP) and  “TRACKING = SIDEREAL” even though the Horizon button is lit in Yellow, its contents proclaiming ...  “Limit Reached (Action: Zero Tracking)”.
    Same thing if I change to the ACTION: PARK MOUNT option on Limit reached. The Limits tab concurs with that condition, since obviously the scope position in the globe meatball, is definitely inside my mapped horizon profile.
    Shouldn’t the status bar toggle to also be in line with the Horizon Limit condition?
In fact, switching to HA display, the mount is definitely still tracking, until I click to Toggle Tracking off. Looks like the  options in LIMITS, doesn’t actually affect the mount.
    Then again ... perhaps this was intentional, and it only works when a Limit is reached from travel from the Safe zone ... outside the Limits field. That may have to do with not getting jailed at a Park position with no escape except by momentarily de-activating Limits.
    I think this could potentially cause a  mount collision, if we setup an imaging script, and go off to bed, assuming APCC will safe the mount, eventually when Limits are hit. Hopefully I am wrong.
Joe Z.