ScopeGuard AP Mach1 GTO Cases

Don Holcombe <donholco@...>

I noticed the thread on travel cases and thought I would show what we
have to offer. Our SG/AP Mach1 GTO case continues to be a very
popular model.

I've added a folder with a few photos of the ScopeGuard AP Mach1 GTO
cases. Our standard case exterior dimensions are 24"L x 20"W x 8"D,
weight 20#-25# depending on material, options, etc.

We offer as standard open cell foam, a closed cell Ethafoam is
optional. The slot for the Mach1 GTO is cut to the customer latitude
using an adjustable template allowing you to keep the mount at the
end user setting.

There are slots for the GTO keypad, control box and CW shaft, either
size or both (dual cut slot).

We offer optional corner casters, extension or folding handles,
locking latches and custom name plates.

Don Holcombe

Don Holcombe <donholco@...>

Sorry, the photos are in the files section as ScopeGuard AP Mach1 GTO