Mach1 GTO/Mewlon 250

Brian Guerin

I just got my Mach1 last week and it really is an incredible mount.
For the M250 owners I thought I would post my setup experience. First
of all you will require two 18 lb CW's with the short 10.7"x 1.875"
shaft. This is just barely enough weight, both CW's sit at the end of
the shaft. Initially, I put the Q4047 adapter on the mount, this
changed the balance just enough that the mount was 2 lbs top heavy. I
used an amp meter to balance everything, and w/o the Q4047 adapter it
balanced perfectly (with a telrad on the front end of the OTA, a
Televue 27mm panoptic at the other end, a Robin Casady 8" saddle and
Robin Casady's M250 dovetail bar). I know this attention to balance
may seem anal, but I did it just for fun, seeing Roland mentioned the
procedure in an earlier post. I matched the amp's in both directions
in RA and DEC, it was very interesting.

I estimate without the amp meter, just balancing it by feel, the most
I was out was 3 to 4 lbs. For those wondering why I'm even talking
about balance on the Mach1, it's fairly stiff when loaded up with
equipment and has to be considerably out of balance before an
imbalance is noticable.

I purchased the Q4047 adapter thinking my focusing cord might get in
the way of the RA drive box, this isn't a problem. This means I have
a Q4047 for sale if anyone wants one.

My M250 with the all the accessories I mentioned above including
saddle, dovetail bar and eyepiece, weighs 38 lbs. The CW shaft and
weights, weigh in at 43.7 lbs. The 80% rule for CW's vs OTA doesn't
seem to work that well on the Mach1.

I've both the 6" portable pier and the wood tripod and both offer
excellent support.

My first night out all went extremely well and the keypad really is
easy to use, however when I slewed to the star for the sync
procedure, I couldn't figure out how to get back to the sync page,
reading the directions again solved that problem. With the very small
FOV on the M250, objects were normally in or just outside the FOV on
long slews and always in the FOV in shorter slews. Recalibrating
occassionally on objects improved the accuracy.

Thanks AP,