Pulseguide - My Problems Using the System

Jan Rek <jan.rek@...>


I am interested in this thread as I do have problems from "power off after
park then power on and initialise" status. At one time I used to just leave
the power on and park but as Roland Christen says, this is a risky thing to
do in the event of power outages etc. The advantage to me is that the latter
seems to keep the mount synched but the former does not. It appears that if
I do not link to my planetarium program (TheSky6) quickly, then the mount
will not know where it is when I make the first slew. The mount will be
further from the actual position the longer I wait before the first slew.
This suggests that on power up, whether using Pulseguide or otherwise, the
mount does not retain it's synch until I issue an Unpark.

I have set the keypad to Ext then I do not use the keypad at all except to
use the direction keys to re-synch after start-up. I am just surprised that
I always have to re-synch with a star after a power cycle.

Any advice on what I need to do to resolve this would be very welcome. If I
am not making my problem clear, then maybe a bullet point step-by-step of
how to initialise without the need to physically re-synch.

I would also like to re-iterate that I do think that Pulseguide, after the
user having set the initialisation parameters, should update the affected
field in the appropriate tab window so that when looking (for example) at
whether PEM is activated (esp for PEMPro use) after the initialisation
screen has been OK'd I have the confidence that the sysytem is doing what
was asked at initialisation. It is quite disconcerting seeing the
initialisation window with the parameters I set but then find the
corresponding window blank on the respective tab sheet.

Many thanks

Nottingham, England