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Hi AllThis question about cases for the 1200 has haunted me for about ayear now, as I am soon to recieve my 1200GTO.I would most certainly love custom made Anvil-type cases for it, butthe cost, and weight kind of make me say no. (5-700 bucks Ouch!)For the HGM-200 mount I had, I found 3 Rubbermaid hinged cases ofsuitable sizes for the RA, Dec, and Semi-Pier assemblies, and I fullylined them with an ultra-dense rubber foam. No, they were certainlynot ATA approved, but did serve thier purpose well of protecting themount in transport by car.Also, they were ultra light, and that was a plus considering thealready heavy weight of the mount sub-sections (RA+DEC)Since I personally think the 1200 is much better designed mount, withmore compact sub-sections (The Losmandy Dec-section was huge, and wasa bear to lug) I think the task of finding suitable cases again for alow-cost may be even easier to find.Total cost for the Rubbermaid cases-for the HGM-200 cost me about$65, The foam I had gotten for free.The Tenba Monitor Cases seem like a good way to go too. These willlikely run about $500 for a pair though. Mark

John Gleason

You can try Camera World. or B&H photo for very good pricing on Tenba. I think I paid $185 for the PAD bag, but that was over two years ago.


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Excellent idea, I never checked Tenba's site until now. The monitor cases come
in a variety of sizes (and with handles and wheels). The prices seemed pretty
high, though ($400-600). I wonder what the typical mail order discounters
for these - do you know of a good source?

(Tenba's website is at


Bob and all,

Steve Mandel and I used cases from Tenba to transport a complete AP 900 mount and pedistal assembly. They make a great PAD case that holds a 42" high pedistal, footing, legs and tension bars, plus room for extras. Heavy duty zippers, and velcro fasteners, it is octagonal in shape and can be opened at both ends. In fact it can be opened completely into a flat configuration. It is cordura over hard plastic. Tenba also makes PC monitor cases that are ideal for holding the fully assembled 900 head. Hard plastic, foam filled shell covered by cordura. Worked perfect! We just wrapped the head in bubble pack. These cases are all light weight. We've used these on two trips to Australia and all equipment came through perfectly. The cordura covering hardly shows a skuff.

I purchased a second PAD bag that holds my 6" f/7 case tightly. It provided nice outer protection. The OTA came thorugh without the need for collimation.

I've used Pelican cases to transport G11 mounts as well. Very nice, but heavy.


John Gleason

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Were your cases ATA? (airline travel approved)

I had some Anvil cases made for a mount (GM200) that were ATA rated, and they
weigh close to 20lbs each! (not good for a mount with pieces that are
in the 40+lb range already). Perhaps the extra ATA rating required much
heavier components (and wall thicknesses) than your cases, but the overall
appearance looks very similar. Adding to the hassle of moving the mount
pieces around is the fact that the cases add a lot of bulk.

What I have always wanted to have made for a mount case looks more like
the Tenba case for the Traveler. A fitted fabric padded case (with a hard
plywood floor stiffener) with heavy sewn on handles. I generally just need
some way to easily carry a mount and protect it from the fairly gentle rubs
and bumps it will get from trips in my car or truck.

Has anyone tried to make or have made a case like this? (when I get my 1200GTO
I intend to pursue this).

Bob Luffel


Good job finding that website for NRG. I had no idea it even=20
existed. On that site you can get an idea of the case construction.=20=20
As to weight, the cases they made for me are actually pretty light!=20=20
Don't know the exact weight but it is minimal. The secret I believe=20
is the thin, high density plywood they use for a structural base. Of=20
course you never see the plywood because of the vinyl on the exterior=20
and felt or foam on the interior. BTW, I forgot to mention that all=20
of the mating joints (eg: lid to box) have a fine aluminum moulding=20
that engages precisely when the case is closed, making for a great,=20
dust-tight seal. At star parties, besides a lot of interested=20
parties wanting to inspect the 1200 mount, I also get a lot of guys=20
wanting to know where I got the neat cases.=20

Dave Jurasevich

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