AP-GOTO Polar and Star alignment

rck <rkuberek@...>

Steve Leikind wrote:

I just started using my new ap-400 mount and have a few questions
about its operation:

1. There is an altitude adjustment screw that increases latitude.
However, I haven't found anything that can lower altitude besides
loosening the "main bolt" and lowering manually. This seems
rather coarse. Have I got this right?
I think someone already responded to this on.

2. The manual (which I haven't read carefully enough <g>)
describes several methods of polar/star alignment. What is the best
way of re-calibrating the scope, after you have polar aligned if you
accidentally move it manually? Is there a one-star type of alignment?
N-Polar alignment is fastest for me.

3. Most of my GOTO experience has been with an LX-200 which has a
built-in feature called "high precision pointing". When you
In the "objects" menu, there's a "recal" button. I GOTO a bright star near
the object of interest, center it and hit "recal." This seems to work.

Bob K.