Good polar calibration stars?

Brian Herbst <dbherbst@...>


First, let me apologize to members of this group who are south of the
equator... When doing the 'N Polar Calibrate' is there a list of
stars to use for this exercise anywhere? The AP manual says to pick
star that is in the eastern or western sky that has an RA of plus or
minus 4 hours from Polaris. It then goes on to say that Arcturus for
instance would not be a good choice. Has anyone compiled a list of
good stars by season in the east and west that would meet the
requirements? I don't have the RA and DEC of various stars committed
to memory so it would be helpful (to me at least) to have a good list
of stars available so I wouldn't make the mistake of using a star
Arcturus which is similar in RA to Polaris. The other night I used
Betelgeuse in the west and it seemed to be OK.


Brian Herbst