Software updates

Chris Spratt

I understand that in time we will be able to update the software
controlling the AP GOTO mounts via the internet. I do hope so!

Anyway, additional catalogs would be nice. Some suggestions:

The ARP catalog (338 peculiar galaxies)
The Abell Planetary Catalog.
The Caldwell Catalog.
The Hickson Catalog.

I would also like to see the "Previous" button go back to the last
object looked at. So I can skip back and forth from the current
to the last one observed.

Possibly one could add objects such as comets and asteroids prior to
going to the scope by having a "Favorite mode" or "Other Objects

I would like to know why the Abell Catalog was implemented rather
other well know catalog items such as the suggested "Abell Planetary
Objects" or even the "Caldwell" or "Hickson" Catalogs.