Microphones (again)

Chris Spratt

Went to Radio Shack in downtown Victoria to get a cheap microphone with
on/off switch to go along with my my new 600E GOTO mount (due in next
couple of days).

Kept on being asked for the model# of the microphone I wanted. Was
told the Tape-recorder mikes may not work with soundcard in c0mputer
(IBM 1412i laptop).

Tried for a Shure 16AM in other stores. Everyone was lost on that.
Never heard of it at A&B Sound, Future Shop, London Drugs (these are
all fairly large Canadian retailers).

Can people please post not only make of microphone they are using with
DigitalSky Voice but the appropriate model # and possibly where they
got it (in Canada would be a real help).

Does the Koss M-10 computer microphone have an on/off switch?

Thanks and sorry for probably repeating a past post.

Chris. Spratt