Computer Question: Paul Hyndman

Derek Wong <dawong@...>

Company Seven called yesterday to let me know my long awaited mount
(600E GTO) is now being made and will soon be delivered... Great!
(But)I really haven't given much thought as to what computer I was
going to use for the Digital Sky Voice software.

A friend pointed out a series Panasonic has called "Toughbook". These
seem pretty rugged (gel mounted HDs, secured harnesses, magnesium case
and frame, inner membranes for moisture protection, etc. etc... sort of
a mil-spec type construction). I don't know if that would be overkill,
but I am kind of paranoid about the dew, coldness, and "things that go
bump in the night" type nasties that could befall these units.

I'd appreciate any feedback as to what units are working well for you,
and which ones aren't. Also things that seem to be weak or strong
points to consider (ie: poor displays when cold, power hungry [I use a
17AH 12VDC battery currently with my G11], or any other facets I should

Lastly, I followed the thread for the cordless microphone interface and
gather the consensus of opinion was that the Radio Shack units were the
way to go. Is this correct? Any preferences as to which of their

Thanks for your input!