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Greetings! This group is for discussions of Astro-Physics German equatorial telescope mounts with GoTo capability, including mount-related accessories and use of related software such as APCC and the ASCOM AP V2  Driver. We also welcome images taken when using AP mounts. The group is intended as a friendly place where people interested in these topics may carry out constructive discussions of their equipment, share tips, make suggestions and help each other. The staff of Astro-Physics will moderate the group and assist as much as we can when we are online. If you wish to discuss other Astro-Physics products, we encourage you to participate in the group.
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  • Astro-Physics Keypad-V5
    This group is presently limited to Mach2GTO owners using keypads with V5 software installed and is considered beta because the software has not been widely released.  All comments, feedback, and bug reports should be made in this group. Hardware requirements: Keypad serial number greater than 1566GTO (due to larger memory capacity) and Mach2GTO. Some participants may also have mounts with GTOCP4 control boxes.
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