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Recurring error in AP V2 Ascom driver: "One or more values are out of range: LatSecondsLngSeconds..." 2 messages By Roland Christen ·
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pulseguide option in SkyX 3 messages By arenslo@... ·
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How to forbid anything one side of the meridian 4 messages By Frederic Jabet ·
Pier Crash - need help diagnosing 31 messages By Joel Short ·
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Do NOT use ASCOM Platform v. 6.5 with APCC Pro 28 messages By Michael 'Mikey' Mangieri ·
Important Update from the ASCOM Initiative 5 messages By Dean Jacobsen ·
Park 4 or Park 5 using ASCOM V2 on AP900GTO 9 messages By Anis Abdul ·
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