Re: Park 4 vs Park 5 #Keypad

Mike Dodd

On 1/29/2023 3:33 PM, Christopher M wrote:
want a park position that can be accurately leveled, we recommend Park 5"
Is Park 4 as accurate a starting point as Park 5? I assume it is.
Most likely. Park 5 is the same as Park 3, but the OTA is on the
opposite side of the pier. I used Park 3 many times. The only reason not
to use Park 3 is that as soon as you unpark, the mount moves into a
counterweight-up position, which (as I understand it) can create
problems with some software.

Park 4 looks effectively the same to me as Park 5 except that the OTA
is pointing the other way.
[...] I mount my OTA in roughly a Park 2 position then swing it
around and level it in usually Park 1 or Park 4 and start up the
mount from there. Thanks in advance.
Use Park 4 instead of Park 5.

--- Mike

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