Re: Ap900gto parking issue at end of the session


Hi Dale
Yes I image from my backyard and at some point might transition to main power. Just to clarify my sessions end well before batteries die due to trees and other obstructions. So I don't believe the battery discharge is causing this issue. I did find voltage issue when I got the mount as I was plugging the PC and mount to same battery but since then I've separate battery for mount (along with camera cooler plugged in) and it hardly uses 50% over the night. The other battery running the PC along with camera, EAF, FW and dew heater is usually the one drained out in morning.

So the night before last the mount correctly parked to park 3 location so for the session last night I didn't have to do any manual intervention but this morning it still ended up in the same wrong location. There is consistency in the location though so I wonder if the mount is loosing sync slowly over night? But I also don't see images shifting either. I wonder if the mount gets confused once it encounters camera obstacles and can't plate solve before parking? The funny thing is mount gets oriented properly with my routine and doesn't give me issues in plate solving or slewing and tracking on right target. It seems to only get confused at the end of the sequence. What can cause latent sync issues in the mount? Is there a preferred way to orient it if I loosen the dec and ra screws to reposition it to right park position? The one I describe above seems to orient it right but still doesn't solve the end of session parking issue.

As for mount unparking, it happens automatically as soon as I select the power on for mount in NINA and the mount doesn't move on its own. Is there a way to do that manually in ASCOM? I couldn't see ASCOM icon on my PC last night. I wonder if it is only possible with APCC?

I'm ok with not touching the set as park in NINA.

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