Re: PHD2 ASCOM mount error with new AP ASCOM driver v5.60.03

Dale Ghent

The photo with the actual error in it unfortunately has the full text of the error cut off, but it seems like you ran into a dither settle time exceeded warning? This indicates that PHD2 was not able to detect a sufficiently-settled mount following a dither operation. After executing a dither operation that was requested by NINA, PHD2 will wait until the mount settles down from any excess movement that the act of dithering may have caused. There are some parameters that influences how long PHD2 waits to say the dither is fully completed and this warning will be produced if the prescribed time limit is exceeded.

Please refer to the "Dither Settle Pixel Tolerance and Settle Time" part of the NINA documentation on PHD2 settings. Exceeding the settle time can indicate an unbalanced load or other unstable aspect that dithering can perturb.

On Jan 22, 2023, at 23:15, Peter Gottstein <peetyg1@...> wrote:

i just installed qhy 5iii 200 guide camera using OAG. I followed the AP VIDEO of how to set up PHD2 With absolute encoders az I own a Mach 2. Connections for mount is AP GTO V2 Ascom and camera is QHYCCD Guider Ascom I’m running NINA and have all the latest ASCOM mount drivers and lasted version APCC PRO. I ran my sequence in NINA and for first sub and everything looked perfect including guiding. In the second sub I received following error <A828407A-0106-4019-B406-44067CBDD5F6.jpeg><933B0827-84C2-4DEB-89AE-9C2CEB755055.jpeg>message within PHD2 In regards to mounts Synchronous pulse guide option. Which I don’t see. Please see picture below. I lost my guide star, with error message. I can’t figure how to disable it in AP ASCOM mount driver. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Peter Gottstein

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