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Dale Ghent

Yeah. I run a single TOA-150 on a 1200GTO for my club and I personally have an 1100GTO. The single TOA-150 is at home on the 1200. The 1200 could do two of them but that would put it at the upper bounds of plausibility. One TOA-150 could plausibly work on the 1100 in an observatory (ie, sheltered from wind) setting. I certainly would not venture to put 2 of them on the 1100.

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Personally, there is no way I would attempt that. The TOA 150 is incredibly heavy and long. Two of them on an 1100, imo is asking a lot of the mount.

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Subject: [ap-gto] Side by side TOA150 I am interested ( only with APS blessing) in setting up 2 TOA150 side by side on the 1100AE.
currently they each have their own mount( 1100 and 10um gm2000).
I would much rather put it on the astrophysics than the 10 µm.
Everything’s easier with astrophysics as far as support is concerned. Not to mention that getting extra weights doesn’t cost me $250 in shipping alone….
I noticed that in your side-by-side plate description, you advise against is very thing.
Badder just came out with the proper plate for fine pan adjusting for my weight class. Optec has the Libra, not rated for 25lbs. Even though they offered to reinforce the libra to withstand my weight, I just wasn’t comfortable with it.
In the link below, You will see in the comment section my question being addressed regarding the 10 µm .
So, what do the elders at astrophysics opine before I dive in?
I do not expect this to be an easy set up. Having said that, I would be doing it under my own terms. If it doesn’t work, or I’m not comfortable with it, I can always go back to each one having their own mount. However, if it does work, it would be nice to open up one mount for a nice reflector, provided that the Powers that be , allow it….

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