Re: Ap900gto parking issue at end of the session

Dale Ghent

Is your mount even slewing to the correct position in the sky at the start of your sequence in NINA? 

On Jan 19, 2023, at 19:08, palamrinder via <palamrinder@...> wrote:

I am running my ap900gto through NINA (with ASCOM drivers) and every night after the session is over the mount parks on wrong position even though I set it to park at park 3 position. So when I start the session next day, it is confused about it position and few times have put telescope upside down. So I have to manually park it at 3 and go through the process of telling the mount it is at park 3 before I start the session. The good news is that it always ends in same location (attached picture). Would appreciate help with this issue.

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