Re: Problem for connecting APPM to NNA #APCC

Dale Ghent

It's likely that you have not turned on the API service in NINA. Refer to the "General Configuration" section in the plugin's documentation:

On Jan 17, 2023, at 16:19, philippe oros <oros.philippe@...> wrote:

After having used successfully APPM w/ my Two Cameras through SGP, I've migrated to NINA and QHY600.
The new Cam is correctly connected to NINA and I get the images frames, but when I try to use APPM with NINA I get an error message "Failed to connect to Camera: Cannot Connect ..." (see attached screen copy)
On NINA the server is activated, the Astro Physics Plug in is loaded and the telescope functions works fine w/ APCC Pro as before.
What can I do ?
Thanks aa lot for your help
Best regards

<Capture d’écran 2023-01-17 à 22.08.20.png>

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