Re: NINA Won''t Park in User Defined Alt Az with Counterweight Up and NINA Controls What the SKY Sees as a Parked Scope, but it is not parked.

Mike Dodd

On 1/15/2023 12:25 PM, ap@... wrote:

Where it parks is up to the AP software.  In the prior version it was controlled as indicated in the [image] below.
Yes, the AP ASCOM driver allows you to specify where to park the mount. One of the options in the "Park To" field is a specific azimuth/elevation.

I use the driver's direction buttons to move my AP1200 to az=90, el=0, then select that option.

These coordinates are stored, so every Park command issued by any app (SkyX, ACP, etc.) slews the mount there and parks it. It works perfectly.

The "Unpark From Last Parked" option shown in the image is the correct choice so the mount knows where it is.


Mike Dodd
Louisa County, Virginia USA

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