Re: Announcing: New APCC 1.9.6 and ASCOM V2 Software Updates

Mike Dodd

On 1/7/2023 10:35 PM, M Hambrick wrote:

Third question (not really related to the new software version): Is there a setting somewhere that tells the mount to stay in the last parked position when I start it up until after I unpark it?
I believe an app connecting to the mount can/will unpark the mount. But whether the mount starts tracking then is controlled by an option in the ASCOM driver

Expand the ASCOM driver to Additional Configuration Settings and look at the options mid-window. On mine, there's a check box, "Enable mount tracking on unpark." I have mine unchecked, so even though the mount is unparked by an app, it does NOT begin moving, so it's still in the last parked position, which is what you want, correct?

I always launch the AP Jog utility and connect to my 1200 via ASCOM. The driver GUI launches and I watch the status change from Parked to Unparked. I also watch a little longer to confirm the coordinates do not change.

[FWIW, I leave AP Jog connected throughout every imaging session, so any other apps that connect can -- for whatever reason -- disconnect and I still have a live connection to the mount. My camera occasionally fails to download an image, and MaxIm hangs on "Reading." The only way to recover was to shut down MaxIm, reboot the camera, and launch MaxIm again. Sure is nice to have a mount connection when MaxIm wants to connect for direct guiding.]

--- mike

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