Re: Heart and Soul and Supernova Mosaic- In Color!

Mike Dodd

On 12/28/2022 8:54 PM, AaronW wrote:
Did you try PI's Photometric Mosaic Script?  I have heard it's made incredible strides and does a very nice curious since I am planning to process my first mosaic over the next few weeks and was hoping the Photometric Mosaic script would make easy work of it.
PhotometricMosaic actually is a full-fledged PI _process_ not just a script. Yes, it is very powerful and straightforward to use.

My first mosaic attempt was this Rosette Nebula before PhotometricMosaic was added to PI: <> It wasn't especially difficult, but I remember having to fiddle with it quite a bit.

I first used PhotometricMosaic on a 4-panel view of the Heart Nebula: <> and it was much simpler than the Rosette.

With that success, I went for a 2-panel Soul Nebula: <> That too was easy.

It's been two years since I did the Heart and Soul mosaics, so I don't remember the details of using PhotometricMosaic. I do remember reading instructions on how to use the process, and that's essential. I have a document titled "PhotometricMosaic by John Murphy" that I picked up somewhere in 2020, probably from the PI forum.



Mike Dodd
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