Re: Can I set a default "Unpark from" position?

Mike Dodd

On 12/19/2022 12:51 PM, Arvind wrote:
Thanks for your inputs. I think I ended up diluting the essence of my question :-)
My question was to check if there's a way to hardcode/set a default/override the CP4 behavior, such that, anytime I power up, it blindly assumes it's powering up from Park 3.
Once parked, the mount REMAINS parked the next time it's powered-up. That's what my 1200 does. It assumes nothing when powering-up.

Now, if you mean, it's in Park 3 the first time something CONNECTS to it (e.g., the PC), you can easily do that in the ASCOM driver (and probably with the hand box as well).

Let's talk about the ASCOM driver, since I rarely use my hand box. Connect to the mount with any application like SkyX or A-P's Jog Utility. Open the ASCOM driver and expand it one screen. Look for the Park controls, and command it to park to Park 3. Now look for the Unpark option, and select Last Parked. This will unpark the mount from Park 3.

Of course, this means you need to PARK the mount in Park 3 when you're done using it, before powering off. You can't leave it pointing to some random place and then want it to "blindly assume it's powering up from Park 3" next time. You need to park it first.

Does this help?


Mike Dodd
Louisa County, Virginia USA

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