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I'll chime in with another thought learned the hard way with my red mount from Colorado. If you mix two different lubes, depending on their make-up at the molecular level, they can conflict and push each other away. 

The mount I had trouble with came with Lubriplate 105 and I thought I was being clever (being a retired DuPont employee) in using some fancy Krytox(tm) lube and a short time after applying the Krytox I discovered I had NO lube on the worm and gears. NONE. What the heck? Then a chemical engineer told me about these conflicting lubes and said you should really always try to use what was there before.

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My 100% Silicone grease is very thin and soft.  Almost liquid.    


My experience with light-weight white Lithium grease has been that it can be very light (some brands and grades even lighter than my 100% Silicone – and much less sticky), but depending on brand, that it can separate over time and weather conditions – leaving a liquid and solid component.  The liquid part can make a mess, and the solid part is – well solid and useless as a lubricant.


But that was my experience decades ago – mostly with bicycles.  I’ve mostly switched to synthetics and Silicone grease now.


Good luck.  I hope you find something that works for you.




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Apply grease to both sides of the brass ring (be careful to center it when reassembly).    Also apply grease to the tapered section of the clutch plate (the black surface that the three clutch pads press against).   





Excellent.  Thank you George

So, the silicone grease I had was no good for this purpose.  It was too sticky and I could feel parts sticking before I even got things all the way back together.  Trying to rotate with the clutch disengaged was no good.  I cleaned it all off...

Tomorrow I'll stop by the hardware store and get some White Lithium Grease unless told otherwise....

Thanks everyone who helped!

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