Perseus galaxy cluster (Abell 426) from Paris



The Perseus galaxy cluster is one of the most massive objects in the universe, made of thousands of galaxies immersed in a cloud of very hot gas, approximately 240 million l.y. from us. It is dominated by the huge Seyfert galaxy NGC1275 with a very strong X-ray and radio emission.

I imaged it with my 8" f/4 newtonian astrograph and an ASI183mm on an AP900 CP4 mount from my light-polluted backyard in Paris' suburbs (Bortle 7-8). The luminance (10 hours overall) was taken over two nights during the rare cloud breaks we had the last month. The RGB data is from last year (with an ASI1600mm).

I invite you to have a look at the full-res and uncropped image:


 Here is also a link to the annotated luminance with many galaxies from the PGC catalog as well as quasars labelled by their redshift (the most distant has redshift z=2.9)  



Thanks for looking and clear skies,




Technical details

200/800 custom Newtonian astrograph with Romano Zen optics and carbon fiber tube
AP900 CP4 mount on Losmandy HD tripod
TS 2.5" Riccardi-Wynne corrector
ZWO LRGB filters
Guiding : ZWO OAG + ASI120mm mini + AsiairV1
Luminance : 600 *60sec with the ASI183mm
Chrominance : 40*60sec for each R, V and B filter
Conditions : Bortle 7/8 skies in Paris' suburbs (20km from the Eiffel tower), average seeing, lot of humidity
Processing with Pixinsight


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