Re: From where? Was: precision of ap900 gto

Charles Sinsofsky <strfire@...>

Yes, I use the polar alignment with the lastest hand controller code, you
must be at least 2.4 or later to use this method.

What you do is initally point the telescope roughly at the pole star. Then
choose a given star say 'deneb to start' and then manual move the scope to
deneb. then once on deneb you use the telescope hand controller to select
the star deneb in polar alignment mode and then auto slew it ot polaris
after you select the star deneb. the scope will slew to polaris, at this
time you let go of the hand controller and use the alt/az only to center
polaris as well as you can. then you ask for re-calibrate and you choose a
star menu comes up, this time choose deneb again the scope will now auto
slew to deneb by itself, when you reach deneb, using the 'hand controller
key n,e,w,s buttons center deneb in a medium power eyepiece, then press
goto, the telescope will auto calibrate the new position of deneb and then
autoslew back to polaris, then polaris will now be off center once again you
use the alt az on your physical mount and then press re-calibrate and then
ask for deneb again, I usually repeat the same star 5 times, then I choose
another star a great deal of distance away from deneb and go through that
one 5 times and then I choose another star and do it 5 times and then I go
back and do each star i used one time to ensure everything is pefect ie: the
scope auto slews to each star and back to polaris always dead center and
then I exit the polar alignment routine.

with this method i can expose 30 minutes unguided with my camera, and i
have done several all night ling 10 mins exposures with the ccd camera, go
to my web site and look at the gallery photos all
unguided shots.

I hope this clears it up...the polar alignment routine and the mount will
produce highly accurate polar alignment if you take the time to do the
procedure I outlined here.

- charles sinsofsky

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Charles Sinsofsky wrote:

I should point out that the setup would include a god polar alignment
the hand controller and three or four stars from different points in the
sky, a good deal of ra and dec values away from polaris.

Do you repeat the N-Polar alignment procedure separately for different

Bob Kuberek

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