Re: M33 Deep (SVX152T, AP1100AE)


Linwood, VERY nice image! For an image where "detail, not lots of colour" was the goal, the colour is beautiful!

On Thu, 3 Nov 2022 at 21:19, ap@... <ap@...> wrote:
Least Roland think all I do is contemplate angels and pins... 

This is an experimental image of sorts.  It is my first light with the new OTA, fitting nicely on the AP1100AE, with the ASI6200MM and RGB data with a touch of Ha.

My goal here was detail not lots of color, so I held down the blending of narrowband data.  I also wanted to see how the corners looked, so this image is completely uncropped -- right to the edge of the stack is shown.

If you drill down on astrobin it's a large image, about 80mb.  Far larger than I would leave just for casual viewing, but what I found interesting is how deep you can drill.  The data is about 45 hours of RGB and 4 or so of Ha, shot over consecutive nights in an unexpectedly clear period near the end of October. 

So if you feel like exploring, or interested in what an SV 152 can do, dive in.

Once I get a Photon Cage and do a bit of fine tuning I'll do something similar with the QuadTCC as a reducer on it. Expecting good things, my preliminary look was very promising!


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