Re: Cold Weather - Telescope Electronics on or off?


Eric, I leave all my gear powered on for the same reason. The only downside I can see if the possibility of a fan wearing out on one of my cameras. I also have high humidity and this way I can keep the optics above ambient (almost always) and avoid a lot of dust gluing onto them.

My first post to the group btw!

On Thu, 3 Nov 2022 at 09:40, Eric Claeys <AstroEric@...> wrote:
I have a remote observatory in the mountains of NM and keep all equipment on all the time.

The PCs need to always be on so I can remotely connect to them.

Similar to light bulbs, electronic equipment tends to fry only when being turned on, not when it's on.  The fewer times I turn something on the less likely it'll burn out.  At least that's my theory.

I don't like the idea of constantly cooling / heating the camera sensor so keep it cooled all the time.

The amount of electricity to keep the mount, focuser, etc. on isn't that much (the main camera with a cooler probably takes more than all the other astro gear combined).  My electric plan has a $50 minimum, and I rarely hit that so keeping everything on doesn't cost me anything (although it does use more electricity so creates more pollution). 


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