Re: Elongated Stars Following Merdian Flip

Kent Kirkley

Guiding the short focal length TAK with the very long focal length C11 can still be effected by flexure, it just may not show up. That might be OK, but, as you probably know finding a guide star with an OAG isn't always easy, although with the much wider field of the TAK there are more suitable stars available.
In my AP155 elongated star issue I got rid of the longish focal length guidscope and stated using a very lightweight, short focal length guidscope attached directly to the 155's rear tube.
With today's guide cameras long focal length guidscopes aren't necessary.

On Friday, September 23, 2022, 9:14:14 AM CDT, Bruce Donzanti <donza2735@...> wrote:

Then that argues going back to me using the OAG on the C11, which always worked well, even better than the guide scope on the Stellarvue.  Actually, the guide scope on the Tak is a backup in case the OAG does not play nice on certain nights.  This was only my second night testing it.  If the OAG on the C11 works as it has in the past, problem solved.

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