Re: Elongated Stars Following Merdian Flip

Kent Kirkley

Ok, I see people stacking all kinds of optical tubes on top of each other. This is just asking for flexure. I had an AP155 with a guidescope on top mounted in rings and kept having elongated stars. "Mr. AP" suggested using a lightweight guidescope attached directly to the 155's tube, not with plates or rings. I redid my guidescope arrangement to reflect this and elongated stars stopped happening.
Kent Kirkley

On Sep 23, 2022, at 8:46 AM, Bruce Donzanti <donza2735@...> wrote:

No- it is being used as an imaging scope.  I can guide using the guide scope attached to it or the OAG on the C11.  It is no heavier than the Stellarvue.  It could be some new flexure introduced by the Tak that I can't seem to identify yet. 


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