Re: 1100 GTO just ordered

Peter Nagy


I'm not sure how busy you are, but you could try out Voyager as a free trial to get a better understanding. 

My only reason to stick to Voyager is their awesome auto focusing method. It has the coolest feature that automagically measure the best step size so you don't have to guess for the best step size for auto focus runs. Everything else is simple and as good as any other automation software. Voyager is the only software I know of have to have this auto focus feature. 

I believe auto focusing is an absolute most important feature than anything else in automation software and it's very difficult to implement and Voyager does it perfectly. 

I have run Voyager with or without administrator and I have not seen a difference yet. Note that I don’t use APCC, just your awesome A-P V2 ASCOM mount driver. 


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