Re: 1100 GTO just ordered

Jim Crumly

thanks for your reply.
this 1100GTO has no encoders I plan on upgrading as soon as they are avalible, but this has got me going with funds on hand.
the mounting plate on the scope is 13"
The reason I want to use the PoleMaster is I allready have the camera and have used it on two diferent mounts.
I can always try the other alignment methods in the future. who knows I may chang my mind, this hobby is always changing.
I have not used the NINA polar alignment mainly because NINA does not play nice with Celestron software. main reason for going to AP mount.
another point is I run everything from my Kitchen table once setup the mount is about 35-40 ft away. just want to see the screen when tweeking the alignment.
the reason I got the 18# and 10# is that is close to what Im using now although on a diferent mount.
Im sure I will have a bunch of questions after I get my mount.

Again Clear Skys


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