Re: 1100 GTO just ordered

Linwood Ferguson

On Sun, Sep 18, 2022 at 04:29 PM, <jimwc@...> wrote:
I plan on using pole master to do my polar alignment, I ordered a adapter for the polmaster camera and have it.
If you are going to use NINA you have no need for that, you can use it's Three Point Polar Alignment for a good alignment in minutes, and PemPro (which you get with it) for a really precise one if you prefer.   I bought a RASPAS for similar thinking, and never used it, even for portable use -- the azimuth adjustment on the AP1100 is very wide, so a decent guess as to direction gets you close enough generally for the TPPA to take over.  Or do as I did, get it anyway, and sell it later.  

#18 and #10 sounds a little light, but maybe someone with that scope can comment.  You want the heaviest all the way up at the hub (make sure nothing hits), and the next heaviest that won't over-balance is used for adjustment.  Though the AP1100 will guide so well this optimization is really probably lost in the noise, here's AP's document:

Honestly I'd get the 16" saddle plate, it gives you a lot more room for balancing the OTA.  The 10 is probably adequate, just more room seems better.  And some people use that extra length to mount stuff on it.  It's not like you are pushing a weight limit.  :) 


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