Re: 1100 GTO just ordered

Bill Long

I can setup imaging targets via mobile. The workflow would be identical in my backyard or at a dark site. Now, I prefer to setup my sequences and plans before I go set up my gear. But if I had to startup from scratch via mobile I can.

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Hi Bill,

> I'm not against mobile at all. I use my phone to check on my imaging runs all the time. All I need is a web browser
> to do so.

I suspect you are a power-user, so you may not be typical, but:

1) Do you use a mobile device to set up, including imaging targets, or just to get status?

2) Do you use a mobile device to set up and run at a dark site?

I think a mobile device can be helpful if you are using it remotely from inside your home, but I believe it is probably not the best
device to use at a dark site, which is what Arvind said he does and makes it 10 years ahead of some other solutions.

 I think one would be taking a chance to ruin your night vision and trip over something and hurt yourself, or break the device!
Unless star parties have changed, nearby people will likely scream at you to turn off your device if it is not covered! So, a laptop
on a table with a red plexiglass filter enclosed and shielded from others is probably the better solution.


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