Re: 1100 GTO just ordered


On Sun, Sep 18, 2022 at 1:26 PM Ray Gralak <iogroups@...> wrote:
 I think one would be taking a chance to ruin your night vision and trip over something and hurt yourself, or break the device!
Unless star parties have changed, nearby people will likely scream at you to turn off your device if it is not covered! So, a laptop
on a table with a red plexiglass filter enclosed and shielded from others is probably the better solution.

Star parties happen once a year-ish. I setup multiple times per month remotely :-) No one is around me.

Even at gatherings, I haven't found my phone to be too bright to affect others around me because I can usually control things from behind the car door (with all lights in the car switched off).

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