Re: 1100 GTO just ordered

Jim Crumly

I guess I should have given a little more info. presently I am using a Celestron CGX mount. with StarSence auto align and NINA.
mounted on a simi perminant pier.  I ordered a pier adapter (119FSA)  and have received it. I plan on using pole master to do my polar alignment, I ordered a adapter for the polmaster camera and have it.
I also ordered counter weights 18# and 10#, 10" Saddle Plate (ASP-DOVEDV10). I presently run everthing from a Windows 11 Dell laptop connected through a ICRON Ranger USB3 eathernet hub to the mount. running NINA.
 Scope is a Stellarvue SVX130T. guide camera is a QHYCCD 5-11, on a Stellarvue guide scope. plan on using PHD2 for guide sooftware.
hope all this info helps

again thanks and clear skys

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