Mach2 Gear Configurations

Joseph Beyer

I'm on the waiting list for a Mach2 but in the meantime have been thinking about the gear setup.  I'm curious how others are configuring their power/USB/focuser setups around the through-the-mount power and USB connections on your Mach2s.  I currently have a Mach1.  My through the mount wires include a power and USB3 to a Pegasus Pocket PowerBox advance on the OTA and a wire running from an Optic focuser hub mounted on the pier up to the focuser motor - so a total of 3 wires excluding the motor cables.  

Given the setup of the Mach2, the power and USB distribution are straight forward.  I'm mainly wondering about the focuser setup. I'm assuming I could move the focuser hub to the OTA and connect to the Pegasus for USB then use a short cable to the motor.  I'm interested to hear how other Mach2 owners have set theirs up.

Thanks in advance for any information. I'd like to have all my questions worked out prior to getting notification then I can just say YES!


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