Re: 1100 GTO just ordered


On Sun, Sep 18, 2022 at 11:26 AM Ray Gralak <iogroups@...> wrote:
> For me, ASIAIR is convenient. Single box that has USB ports, power ports, and the required software to
> _conveniently_ use it from my phone and be able to transplant it across my various portable setups. The UX & the
> overall usability, to me, is a decade ahead of some of the other software setups out there (NINA excluding).

I'm glad you prefaced that with "For me". I've found that many people doing imaging would not want to use a mobile device, which can be hard to use and easy to drop in the dark if you are not careful. For them, it is a non-desirable technology for imaging. I think this will probably change in the future, but most imagers are not there yet.

I prefer not to overgeneralize and rather share my own experience :-)

Mobile devices are hard to use if not using something like ASIAIR. When I'm using NINA (with my remote setup, and also when using a modeling program for a local setup) I tend to prefer a laptop.

Laptops are actually more clumsy to hold than a mobile phone, when setting up remotely unless you also bring a folding table :-)

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