Re: Dec Arc model failing with NINA

Dale Ghent

I'm in and out of connectivity this week and weekend, so I'm trying to catch up on this thread. It seems that you're specifying a possibly corrupt APPM settings file in the plugin's configuration? Just blank the setting out so that APPM loads its default.

On Sep 10, 2022, at 10:10, Sébastien Doré <sebastiendore1@...> wrote:

Here is the APPM log file from the mapping run that worked (right after I used a brand new settings.appm). 

*Note: you will see that I manually interrupted the slew at some point and resumed it after I confirmed it wasn't going to crash the scope into the tripod.

The next log file (when it failed) is identical to the previous log I posted earlier (with the error).

Could it be possible that the API call from NINA alters the setting.appm file and corrupt it in some way ?<APPM-2022-09-10-093429.txt>

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