Mach2 and M31


Just more praises for the Mach2 and how quick and easy it is to setup and use. Thanks to everyone that makes this possible as it makes me smile each time I use it.
A couple nights ago I took the Mach2 out and set it up in the yard and connected everything. Yes, wires dangling.
I balanced the Takahashi FC-100DZ doublet, FC35 reducer, and ASI 2600MC Pro and performed a PA routine in NINA.
After that I slewed to M31 at 30 degrees altitude, plate solved to center, and started shooting. The first couple of shots I was working with backspacing issues as Nina Hocus Focus still says I am off about 48 steps (need to add backspace) but I see some mixed results with it. In my haste, I removed the spacers and started shooting M31 (you can see it in a corner or two)
Below is the results of just a little over one hour with no darks, flats, or dark flats added yet.
On another note, I think I'm starting to get a better understanding of Pixinsight.
Here is the link:

But I like the high res version better.: 


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