Re: AP900GTO CP2, Ascom v2, NINA, PHD2

Dale Ghent

Can you provide the NINA log file from an example session so we can see what's going on from NINA's point of view?

On Sep 2, 2022, at 15:36, David Messier via <dpmessier@...> wrote:


Yes it does, slews the mount, NINA slews the mount to target, but I don't think I have manual control except park. When I tried to guide with PHD2, the mount stops tracking. This is with 5.50.3.

David P Messier

On Fri, Sep 2, 2022 at 1:16 PM, Ray Gralak
<iogroups@...> wrote:

That was in 5.21, no error message, appeared to connect but wasn't. Connect and disconnect within a second.
As a test, does the AP Jog utility, which is included with the driver, connect to the mount and stay connected?


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