Re: AP900GTO CP2, Ascom v2, NINA, PHD2

David Messier


That was in 5.21, no error message, appeared to connect but wasn't. Connect and disconnect within a second. Version 5.50.3 connects with everything but when I start guiding the mount stops tracking. Touching thr manual control starts tracking again. I don't see any CP3S or 4s to buy anywhere. 

David P Messier

On Fri, Sep 2, 2022 at 12:35 PM, Ray Gralak
<iogroups@...> wrote:
Hi Dale,

> NINA interacts with mounts only through their respective ASCOM driver. If PHD2 is connected to the A-P ASCOM
> driver, and the driver blows up when NINA attempts to use it, then something is detonating within the driver.

Detonated! Wow, that's something I haven't heard about the AP V2 driver. :-)

What error message did NINA get from the ASCOM driver?


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